Monday, 16 December 2013

Random Ramblings #8

You thought it was gone didn't you? You honestly thought that I'd forgotten about them. Well folks... THE RANDOM RAMBLINGS ARE BACK! This week I talk betas, Warframe and a WoW update.

Beta Updates

Since the last post about Hearthstone there has been no actual posts from Blizzard regarding an exact date for the open beta, unfortunate news for those out there who are still without a key to the closed beta. There is some speculation that it will drop later this month as announced at Blizzcon, but I still hold some reservations about this. There are still some stability issues in the game (I have have several lockups for a minute or so and the occasional crash to desktop).

I also finally got a key for DC's Infinite Crisis, their take on the MOBA scene. I'm sure it will be fun, but will reserve judgement when I see how it compares to the other more established games such as LoL or DotA2. Actually judging it is going to be hard... I'm a huge DC fan (Batman and Green Arrow are my two favorite comic heroes), and seeing past my bias could be a little hard. Needless to say you can expect some words here when I have spent some time playing it.


I've been playing Warframe a little lately. Messing around in the game is a lot of fun, especially speedrunning it. It's almost like they made the game to run fast. You have a lot of mobility, some parkour inspired skills and are basically a super soldier. Knowing the weaknesses of the various enemies helps too as some are super weak close up, while others require a more ranged approach. It features drop in and out co-op, with some areas basically requiring you to have two people or be really blinged out with weapons. If you like third person shooters at all, give it a go. It's free to play, and doesn't really seem pay to win.

WoW Update

When I last wrote about WoW, I lamented that I didn't have a lot of time to dedicate to the game at the moment. That's changed a little with work getting a little quieter. I've been leveling a Draenei Shaman, and have to say they deal a bunch more damage than Hunters, but have the disadvantage of needing to take hits in solo situations. Its taken me a little over two weeks to hit level 70 (played time of 1 day 23 hours). Playing Alliance side is... interesting. I really don't like the story as much on the Alliance side, but it is completely different to the Horde leveling in most cases. I'm sure as I get more into the Cata and Mists content that will change though. All in all, the last twoish weeks in WoW have been fun, and getting a high level shaman out of it will be a great reward, even if I do end up having to faction change him down the track.

And that concludes the Random Ramblings. Stay tuned as I get more time over the holiday break to play things and then write about them!

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