Sunday, 19 January 2014

Gearing Up and Getting Down With BoB

Whoa it's been over a month since I wrote here, and that ain't right. So for my first post of 2014, I'm going to talk all about whats been going on. I've been trying really hard to gear up my hunter in WoW. I'm currently sitting at 518 ilevel, with most of it coming from Timeless Isle and SoO LFR. You could say I'm well and truly playing WoW full time now, with a little bit of time going into Hearthstone. Why?

I've joined a really awesome guild. After my previous guild was forcibly closed by Blizzard (although I still have a character in the Guild for memories sake), I randomly sent some requests to a couple of guilds. The first one to reply was Barbarians of Blood, or as I call them BoB. I find it amusing that as a  reformed Eve player, my new group shares the same name with a corp from the biggest war in Eve's history. As a social guild, they don't put the pressure on you that a more hardcore guild would, but they are still interested in progressing through the content. It's been a lot of fun so far, and I have been really enjoying WoW again because of it.

My shaman is also level 90 now, but he is no longer alliance. I faction changed him around level 75, and used the race change so he could be a Pandaren. Since getting him to level 90, I have realised that I really do enjoy the way the hunter plays at max level, especially in solo situations. In raids, I do feel that my hunter lacks utility for aiding the rest of the raid, but the damage that I provide kind of negates the need for it. Using traps for controlling adds has probably been the biggest thing I've learnt about.

With Warlords possibly offering additional paid boosts to 90, I may be tempted to get more characters to max level in WoD as I can skip the earlier content, particularly Outlands. It's strange, because some of my favorite lore is based in Outlands (particularly Illidan's ending), but I cannot stand the questing there. As the oldest content currently available, it shows just how far Blizzard has come with Mists having some of the best leveling content in my opinion. I'm excited for WoD to see just how much further they can take that questing content.

Finally, AGDQ 2014 went off recently, reaching over $1 million in donations this year. As always, keep an eye out on YouTube for the vods of the event if you didn't get to watch live. Speedrunning seems to be taking off in a big way, and I'm super excited for SGDQ 2014 now.

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