Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Random Ramblings #11: STOMPY ROBOTS!

Whoa it seems to be that time of the month again! It's time for the RANDOM RAMBLINGS! This time, we delve deep into the Titanfall release, I'm hyped for something again, and some updates about what I'm playing. Let's not wait anymore!

Titanfall Release

Titanfall was released earlier this month, and I've played a number of games of it since then. I still love the gameplay of Titanfall, and everything I said about gameplay in the beta still stands. The maps are nicely varied, with some more suited to combat in the Titans, and others suiting pilots far more. Everything in the game runs very solid, even on my slightly older PC.

I mentioned the servers being an issue in the beta. They are still an issue now, even though Microsofts Azure system is very stable, with latency fluctuating between 80 to 170 that I have seen. There was one match where I had a latency of 290 the whole game. The other part of the game I strongly dislike (if not outright hate) is the campaign mode. Finding groups was a pain when I played through it, and more often than not, people leave if they get steamrolled repeatedly.

That being said, playing attrition (the game's version of team death match) is heaps of fun, and I love being able to just drop into a few games. I'd still recommend Titanfall if you want a FPS experience that is different to most others out there.

Heroes of the Storm

I love MOBAs. I love the teamwork required to win. I love the elements of strategy and reflexes required to succeed. And most of all, I love the uniqueness of each of the characters. You can go from playing a tank who just cannot be killed, to a glass cannon who demolishes a health bar in three hits. And now Blizzards MOBA, Heroes of the Storm (or Heroes as they call it to stop confusion with Heart of the Swarm), is in tech alpha. I cannot watch enough streams, read enough blue posts, browse enough sites to contain my hype for Heroes.

Blizzard are famous for taking an established concept and refining and polishing it until it is so damn shiny you cannot resist. Heroes seems to be no exception to this. Removing items in favour of a talent system, having team XP and removing the need for gold all indicate that Blizzard want to streamline the game and make it overall a more casual experience. And there's nothing wrong with that. Perhaps a casual experience will help to sate some of the rage that MOBAs are famous for.

All in all, I cannot wait for Heroes, and that leads into my next topic.

Games that Tetris is Playing

Because I'm so hyped for Heroes, I've been playing League of Legends again. I played League basically when it was released, but stopped a while back after it got super popular due to the community. I'm not a fan of going into a game to get raged at, or even see others get raged at for 45 minutes. There is nothing fun about that. Fortunately LoL appears to have calmed down a touch, although I have had two different occasions where people rage quit due to someone feeding.

Along with LoL, I've been playing the South Park game. It's... uh... different. The gameplay is so simple that it just works, and the humour is just as South Park as ever. I did encounter one particularly amusing bug that stretched all the textures on one characters face, but other than that the game is stable and solid. If you like South Park, you will love the game.

Last but not least, Diablo 3 had patch 2.0 drop, and it changed everything. The auction house is gone, and with it the old loot system. Because Blizzard no longer needs to balance everything around having the auction house, they can target loot more toward the character you are playing. This doesn't mean you are going to get nothing but loot to suit the character you are playing, but the chances of you getting the loot you need are far higher. I also never tried the old crafting system in D3, but the current crafting system is simple to use and easy to get into.

With patch 2.0, Blizzard also launched the Australian servers, meaning that the game is actually playable. Previously I would rubber band all over the place, disconnect frequently and just generally have a bad time. Now I get rock solid pings, hardly ever disconnect and the game is far better for it. Thank you Blizzard for actually listening to fans.

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