Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A tiny Eve story

So it seems yet another theft has gone down in Eve Online. It was a relatively small amount of around 50B ISK. The full story can be found at themittani.com here. However I wanted to make a small post about how stupid the corp CEO was. Take this for example:

[ 2012.12.15 12:46:59 ] Tad Ghostall > i should warn you in advance that im very flirty
[ 2012.12.15 12:47:25 ] Tad Ghostall > i like to say "playful"

Knowing that in Eve you trust no-one this CEO decides to throw all that out the window simply because the person he was dealing with was female. Even though the corp was warned about Tamzins history, he still lets himself get manipulated into a position where he thinks he loves her (which in itself is ridiculous), and then drops all pretense of security by assigning roles to a new member. As the article by Bagehi notes, this is the fastest way to find yourself in the middle of a massive loss. No matter who that person is, the first rule of Eve is TRUST NO ONE. I've seen it extended to say that even your own alts are out to get you. But at the first sign of a pretty voice on voice comm's it seems this CEO decided that it was worth it. If I were in that corp, I'd be getting my assets out now so I can GTFO out of there.

Game On!

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