Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Broadcast for Reps

I don't have a whole lot to say today, I just really wanted to share something with you.

This was posted on the Eve subreddit, in a thread regarding Robin Williams, who recently passed away. Robin committed suicide, and had a history of depression alongside alcohol and drug abuse.

To get personal, I've struggled with depression for many years. I generally don't talk about it with anyone. I'm only writing this today because this image made me tear up and feel so much better about Eve's community. This image has touched me in a way that, I felt that I needed to share this with others, because no matter where you are from, we all play the same game.

I quit Eve last year, while I tried WoW, as I was totally burnt out on the community and needed a change of pace. This lead to the most active time for me writing, as WoW offered many new avenues to learn about. However, I've been back quietly playing Eve for the last few weeks. Just some mining and trading here and there, nothing too insane.

Now I'm so glad I did. The Eve community often gets a lot of people commenting on how ruthless we can be. And it's true, we can be ruthless. Our game is one of the most competitive I've ever played. But on the other side, the vast majority of the Eve community are just cool people. They play the game in a way they enjoy, and in game conflicts remain in game. I've had corp CEO's who showed more interest in me than actual people I know in real life. The few Eve players I've met outside of the client are really fun people.

So to close, no matter who you are, or even what game you play, you are never alone. Tell someone if you need help.

Broadcast for reps, and the logi wing will pick you up.

Fly safe, and game on.

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