Monday, 3 February 2014

Random Ramblings #9

And with the sound of raging nerds ringing in my ears, it's time to move on to the RANDOM RAMBLINGS! This time, I talk about Rust, Snow, and a follow up on the massive B-R battle in Eve.

Crouching Naked By A Campfire: Rust

A very good friend of mine bought me a copy of Rust on Steam (shout outs to Mule for the game - you're a legend dude and you know it), and so I've been trying it out for the past week. I was very lucky to be able to join some existing players to learn the basics and get kitted out in the game. The game play is very reminiscent of DayZ, with just a touch of Minecraft thrown in for good measure. Base building is fun, and the ability to raid bases adds a nice touch of non consensual PVP to the game.

The game is very distinctly alpha, with the devs confirming that they are only around 10% done with the entire game. If you do decide to buy the game be aware that you will have crashes, graphics glitches and general server issues. You will also need to be aware that everything could change in Rust overnight, with changes coming fast from the devs. I personally love Rust, and can't wait to see just where it goes. Expect more here as I feel it warrants me writing about it.

Screaming All The Way Down A Mountain: Snow

Some time ago, I bought the alpha for Snow. An open world skiing game it seems to be at about the same stage as Rust in development. I love snow (the element), and so it was logical for me to try a game all about it. I'll address the obvious question first. Yes they are adding snowboards. Moving on from that the game is fun to play, if very buggy right now. Finding your own line down a mountain, hitting jumps and doing tricks feels really engaging. There isn't much else to really write about at this stage, but I will be keeping a close eye on this one as more comes out about it.

The Battle Of B-R5RB

Dammit Eve. Why do you have to do this to me? Every time I kick the habit, something like this comes up and makes me want to play again.

Seriously though, CCP's flagship game has created some of the best player content ever in the past, and the Battle of B-R5RB (we really need a better name for it by now) is no exception. For a really in depth write up, Alizabeth over at The has written this fantastic article about the battle for anyone who has no idea what the game consists of.

If you don't want to read the whole thing, let me give you the cliff notes. While the mainstream media outlets that picked up on this story tried to make it sound like over $300,000 of real life money was lost, very little RL cash would have been tied up in those Titans. While we can give them a rough dollar value because we can convert PLEX to ISK (current exchange rate is sitting around 650m isk per PLEX at around $20 each), the giant groups of players in null security space make a lot of ISK through in game means.

The final losses as listed by CCP were an astounding 75 Titans down alongside 13 Supercarriers, 370 Dreadnoughts and 123 Carriers. That's the biggest losses ever in Eve. The Halloween war will continue in Eve, with all involved knowing that they brought some of the best content to the game in a long time. Congrats to all involved.

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