Friday, 27 September 2013

Random Ramblings #6

Ladies... Gentlemen... It's that show you've all been waiting for... THE RANDOM RAMBLINGS ARE BACK! This time, we have a real spread of news to go through, so let's jump right into it.

Werster's Pokemon Yellow World Record

I happened to be in the stream for Werster's new Pokemon Yellow world record run. The tension toward the end was amazing to feel, and the stream chat was awesome to be a part of. His new record is 1 hour 55 minutes with a pretty average start. The RNG toward the end of the run was amazing, along with one particular moment where Werster looks at his notes and says I'm going to be on 3hp and it happened. Absolutely amazing run Werster. You deserve it.

As a small side note, if you watch the WR run on YouTube, there is a part where Werster says "OH TETRIS!" That was me subscribing to his channel. I did not expect that reaction from him haha.


And damn. The hype got me hard with this one. I got a copy of GTA V for my 360, and have been playing it a fair bit. The game is amazing, and truth be told I'm actually liking the story so far in this one. Most GTA games are pretty story heavy, but it's usually not that gripping and you can literally blast through the cut scenes without feeling like you missed that much. In this one however, I am actually wanting to watch the story unfold.

The world itself is awesome, and the idea to have a section of rugged mountain landscape has me just looking for ways to do tricks and fun things there. There are a few things that bug me, but they are minor and purely just because of my background with dirt bikes (the dirt bike handles nothing like a dirt bike when on dirt). The gun play is pretty good, and customizing weapons adds a nice touch. The fact that I can add suppressors to the guns makes me happy, as I can stealth around if the urge takes me.

And that concludes this edition of Random Ramblings. As always folks:


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