Friday, 19 July 2013

World of Warcraft

So... yeah...

After years of resistance and like a teen at a party, I finally caved to peer pressure. But it wasn't drugs or alcohol I succumbed to. It was World of Warcraft. Blizzard recently reduced the price from $70 down to $30 and I just had to take them up on the deal.

I've mentioned WoW here before, in my post about Sandbox vs Themepark MMOs and I wasn't particularly kind about the grind in the game. However there is something that I didn't count on to hold me in. Lore. Last time I tried WoW, I took no notice of the lore in the quests. I was simply going to a spot, killing x amount of enemies, getting x amount of items, killing a boss and then repeating. This time however, I've dove headfirst into the lore of Warcraft. I loved the Warcraft RTS games as a kid, and Blizzard has done an astounding job of taking someone like me, putting hooks into my flesh and dragging me back into that universe.

It's taken me 2 and half weeks to get to 90, which I found reasonably easy to do. There have been some moments where I thought I might never make it, but there was always something to keep me entertained. A few of my friends have been playing pretty much since WoWs release back in 2004, and talking to them while running the old raids and dungeons has shown me just how much WoW has changed.

All in all, my initial thoughts about WoW have changed drastically (as most uninformed views tend to). It's no Eve in terms of gameplay, but there is more than enough content to keep me interested for a while at least. Soloing old raids has really gripped my interest, especially Molten Core. I really don't know what it is about that place, but I actually look forward to being able to go back there each week. Perhaps that too will change in time, and I will need new and more exciting things to do. But for now, its time to try and get my hands on Sulfuras... again...

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  1. Running MC every week is something that will hold onto you forever!
    I still do that as much as I can because back in the days of the unforgiving RNG you could never get your hands on the items you need.
    RNG hasnt changed and the Loot tables have actually gotten bigger so good luck!

    Just you wait until you find more things like that, I have never taken more than a few months off the game here and there, I always get dragged back and continue my ways on running old content along with the current stuff.

    Welcome to the Horde, it will never let you go!