Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Last weekend I picked up a copy of Injustice: Gods Among Us, a fighting game set in the DC Comics universe. I had been excited about the game for a while, as I am a huge fan of the DC characters and the last DC vs Mortal Combat game was fantastic. Now this games single player has a short storyline and the following impressions of the game (not a review) will contain spoilers. If you are worried about the story in this game, this post won't be for you.

The story line for the game takes place in an alternate reality, with the majority of the game set here. Superman is driven mad with rage after the Joker tricks him into killing Lois Lane, along with their unborn child. He flat out murders the Joker in front of Batman. Fast forward and Superman has taken over the world, strong arming the other heroes and some villains into following him with a mixture of fear and bribes. Only Batman has remained, and he is leading the resistance against Superman, while being constantly hunted. There are parts of the story that I found truly interesting, and one scene where Superman flat out murders Captain Marvel in front of the rest of the 'heroes' gave me goosebumps. However as this is a fighting game, the story takes a backseat to the game play.

Injustice nails the game play for the most part. Combos are fun to pull off and knocking people around the levels can be very satisfying. The one biggest flaw I can see is the super move combos literally involve pulling the two triggers at the same time. There is no massive combo to actually pull it off which can leave them feeling a bit cheap at times. In multiplayer the use of moves that knock you around can spell the end of a game, and facing someone who knows how to chain properly can mean you are just watching your character get slapped all around the level.

If you like the DC comics universe then Injustice is a no brainer, as you will enjoy seeing and playing with all of the characters. If you aren't a fan of the comics then the game itself is a fun fighter, that has its flaws in places, but overall a solid experience.

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